The method


  • Customer commitment shortest period of market exclusivity (maximum two months)
  • The company staff that detects information science and media assets on the ground, real estate consultants, marketing and advertising experts, real estate appraisers, lawyer and architect work together on all assets in order to obtain the maximum price for the shortest time
  • The company aims to sell the property during the relatively short (exclusivity period), so, make sure the company, after evaluating the property by the company's experts realistic price relative to market prices plus up to 10%
  • Advanced technologies and detection methods internet marketing, developed by it, providing a substantial advantage over the marketing of the property to other offices and reaching a potential customer the most suitable for the Property
  • Different and rewarding cooperation with serious mediators and efficient workers in the area where the property is situated (our experience, these have proven themselves over the years)
  • Elephant properties for all engines possible to achieve the goal effectively and purposeful work method has proven itself as a model area best and most effective for the homeowner to sell appropriating
  • If you would like to be impressed and get additional information and explanation about our unique way of working, you will be happy to arrange a meeting with the company's real estate consultants - Contact






















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